Rules for Ordering Tickets online
1. Choose the category of the ticket and time of your visit or the day of the event so that you can see the list of the tickets available for online purchase. Entrance tickets are available for online purchase 45 days prior the day of your visit. Tickets for guided tours or events are available from the official commencement of ticket sales.
2. Сlick the button “Buy” near the selected ticket. Ticket allows to enter the Museum building once, according with the opening hours. Tickets for events are valid onlyfor exact event and date printed on the ticket. All the information about event including the requirement to purchase an entrance ticket in addition to the ticket for the event is written in the description for the event. Tickets for guided tours are valid only with entrance tickets. The terms and conditions for season tickets are stated in the ticket description.
3. Select the category and number of tickets in the appeared form.In one order you can purchase no more than 15 entrance tickets and no more than 5 tickets to the events.
One order includes tickets of the same type (in one building for one exact date). To book the ticket for another date or another type, use the electronic order form again.
Be aware that preferential and free admission tickets cannot be purchased online.You can purchase preferential tickets at the Museum ticket office with a documentconfirming the privilege.
Check the box "I agree with the terms and conditions of the useragreement"
Enter your name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address in the field and click "Order".
To your attention.
Only the recipient, whose name was written in the form can receive tickets at the Museum ticket office, by presenting an identity
document, confirmation of the order and payment printed from the e-mail. If you order tickets for another person, please write his name and contact phone number.
You have 30 minutes to complete this operation. If the session lasts more than 30 minutes, it will be reset. You will have to repeat the ticket selection and re-confirm the e-mail address.
4. In the next window you have to check the generated electronic order (quantity, type of tickets and the total amount of money to be paid) and click "Pay". The decision on payment (together with the subsequent payment) has a time limit of 2 hours. Order, which was not paid within 2 hours, will be canceled. We accept VISA, Maestro, MasterCard, UNION PAY and MIR.
5. In the payment form of Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company) put the details of the bank card following the instructions on the screen, check and click on the button "Pay". If you decide to cancel the operation of the electronic order, click "Cancel". Money will be transferred from your card after you click "Pay" in this window.
6. You will see the same order form as in the window preceding the payment, but instead of "Pay" button, the "Print" button will now appear. A link to this form will also be sent to your e-mail. You can print the order now or at any time by clicking on the link from the mail.
7. The printout of the paid electronic order is mandatory. It has to be shown at Museum ticket office. The museum does not deliver tickets.
With one electronic order you can additionally purchase no more than 2 ticktetsfor visitors of a preferential or free category directly at the ticket office of the museum. Tickets for events may not have preferential or free admission tickets.